Does Charcoal Help Whiten Teeth?

Having a mouth full of pearly whites is most likely something we all want. Learning how to brush and take care of our teeth from an early age is important to how the evolution of our teeth will go. Keeping them white can be a challenge but I assure you there is an easy and long-term solution to this problem.

Getting your teeth whitened at the dentist can be costly. Even whitening strips can be a little pricey and they don’t always have solid results. Unfortunately just flossing and brushing doesn’t completely cut it these days with all the coffee and dark colored items we ingest. Not to mention if you smoke, that just adds to the challenge of keeping your teeth white. Through the years, I have tried different products and methods to whiten my teeth and only one has really WOWed me. Pearly Whites Australia has the answer to your problems. And one of my new favorite products is their Charcoal and Coconut Whitening Strips.

The Charcoal and Coconut Whitening Strips have active charcoal, coconut oil and a secret whitening formula that absorbs and removes stains while killing bacteria in your mouth. The coconut oil helps to remove bacteria and reduce inflammation of your gums. There are no harmful ingredients that leave your gums feeling sensitive or sore like a few other brands are known to do.

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The process of using these strips are quite easy and don’t make it difficult to talk or anything like that. You just open the pouch which contains a top and bottom strip. Apply in whichever order you want to. Set a timer for anywhere from 30-45 minutes and go about your day. Once the time is up, you will remove the strips and rinse your mouth. I personally like to lightly brush my teeth with a tooth brush to remove any excess product.


It is astounding how much brighter my teeth got after just one use. Aside from having a dying tooth from it getting chipped years ago, my teeth were about 4 shades brighter. Since I bought only one box of 10 strips, I am using one treatment a week to hopefully maintain longer whiteness. This is one of the best and most reasonably priced products for my teeth that I have found on the market. If strips aren’t your style, Pearly Whites has plenty of other options to check out. So if that special occasion is coming up, put your best smile forward with the help of Pearly Whites Whitening Products!

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**Pearly Whites did not sponsor this post. All opinions are my own!**



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