Supplements Made Healthy

Just about all of us at one time or another have mad a fitness oriented goal. This could be a weight-loss goal, muscle growth goal, or something endurance related, but we all have discovered something we want to achieve through our fitness regimen. The process to achieving these goals is sometimes assisted by supplementation. But the concern with starting out with supplements is knowing what to use, where to buy, and what’s safe and not.


I’ve recently started using WM Nutrition and let me tell you, they are exceptional products to help reach any fitness goal you may have! I partnered with WM Nutrition to try and share some of their new clean, beneficial products and how they can help you too!

First off let me just say that I am also offering a discount code that allows you to have 50% off your own purchase! I mean c’mon, who doesn’t love a discount especially when trying out a new product?? Stay tuned until the end to get your own access to 50% off some awesome stacked supps.

Advantra Slim

The first product that I truly love is Advantra Slim Appetite Control. This tasty drink mix has a handful of benefits such as

  1. It helps to curb appetite cravings as well as help you to drink more water which in turn keeps you full longer.
  2. It regulates mood and boosts energy through 80mg of caffeine. They also offer a caffeine-free option as well!
  3. And lastly, they are packaged in convenient single serving packets for on-the-go days.

You mix Advantra Slim with 12-16 oz of water and consume 10-15 minutes before a meal. Flavors include Sangria, Strawberry Pineapple, Raspberry Coconut, Peach Mango, Blueberry Acai, Dragon Fruit, Lemonade, Grapefruit, Coconut Lime, Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita and Mojito!



Pre-workouts can be tricky because it is typical for them to have fillers in them in order to provide certain sensations in the body and those tingling feelings can be uncomfortable for some. Fortunately, WM Nutrition’s Pre-workout has natural and known ingredients.

When you need a jumpstart to your workouts and a way to reduce muscle fatigue, this is definitely my go to!! I like to pour the packet directly into my mouth like a pixie-stick and follow with water. Also can pour into 6-8 ounces of water and take 10-15 minutes before a workout. Flavors include Sour Strawberry, Green Apple, and Berry.

Taking this pre-workout will help you to focus on muscle enhancement, endurance, boosting energy, and an increased metabolic rate. I’ve loved the energy and boost I get for every workout that I take this before!


All Natural, Lactose Free, Gluten free, Non GMO Protein

This Protein powder is such a great addition to my stack! WMN Protein is for anyone looking to maintain health and fitness related goals. It is most important to keep your muscles fueled with all natural protein powder. This awesome product is Paleo friendly as well!

Each serving is 100% whey isolate protein that has no lactose as to alienate the intolerant population. There is 19g of protein in each of the single-serving packets. Sitting at only 5g of carbs and 5g of sugar, this is one of the cleanest macro-friendly powders I’ve found. Flavors include Cookies and Cream and Blueberry

The serving size contains 98 calories which isn’t as filling as a typical shake but I alway make blended shakes so I can add in some extra antioxidants and calories if I need to fulfill some macros post-workout. But this protein is also super yummy when just mixed with water or almond milk and shaken!


Until the end of this month, use the code BOMB50 for 50% off your own purchase!

**Thank you WM Nutrition for Sponsoring this Post. This post contains affiliate links I make commission off of. All opinions are my own!**


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