Your Truth Is Your Birthright

Does it ever feel like everyone around you wants to voice their opinions on the things in your life? That they are capable of making the best choice for your future over you? I can say I’ve been there, heck I sometimes go through it still. But what I can say I will always be sure to do, is to stand my truth and never give up on myself and my path.
Whatever society is doing is apparently the right thing to be doing, right? Well what if society consisted of only creatives and artistic driven individuals? Then would it finally be okay for you to openly and fully embrace your passion and choices? It shouldn’t be that way! The mere idea of going against the crowd can be a difficult concept for many to grasp and unfortunately it tends to be those in earlier generations of our families.

Your dreams are what defines you. Believing in what you believe in didn’t happen by chance and whatever calls to you in regards of pursuance of your future should never be ignored. When that burning sensation of excitement arises in your chest as you sit down to work on your craft, that’s how you know this is the something you should be doing everyday.
My journey hasn’t been easy. If anything, I’ve had more moments of contemplation than I would personally like to admit. But that’s all a part of the process. It’s how the weak are separated from the strong. The determined will surpass the free-loaders and that was something I realized during my own journey. I knew what I wanted to add to the world but how I would get there wasn’t and still isn’t a clear path. It has bumps, sharp turns, road blocks and open highways. What it has really come down to is how I maneuver and handle these situations. The more you dwell and stay negatively focused on a situation, the less chances of creating a space for change and overcoming this obstacle.

Learning how to take a chance or stay consistent with what you believe in and truly want is most important. You will always find someone who will voice their opinion on your goals and choices but they aren’t living your life. They don’t understand the excitement this passion or goal brings to you. How can someone else know what’s in your pot if they aren’t the ones stirring and tending to it? It’s a matter of holding on to what you truly believe in regardless of what someone, anyone else, might think. Your truth is what matters to you.
All in all, the most important thing to remember at the end of the day is that your goals matter. Your dreams and passions matter and should never be repressed. If you wish to spend your life performing on a stage, traveling the world collecting mugs, or doing make up tutorials, stick to it! Make sure to dedicate some part of each day to that passion because the more you focus on it, the more you will manifest it. Your beliefs and faith are everything as well as one of the most powerful tools you will need for this journey. Taking the time to focus and challenge yourself to make a change will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have.
***If you are ever looking for help on getting your journey started, setting some action plans for goals, or help on making a big decision, my life coaching services are ones to help get those answers. Head to the “Lets Chat” page to get started now!***


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