Clear Skin is as Easy as 1-2-3

Let’s talk skin care! One of those daily routines that we know we need to keep up with but sometimes the amount of products available can be intimidating. Now add in the ample amount of exercise you do that leads to sweaty skin, breakouts and just all around unattractiveness in the sweat department. When you pursue a lifestyle of physical fitness, it’s important not to have your face suffer for the sake of your body goals!img_9914.jpg

With all the different products on the market these days, it’s a challenge to know where to start when researching a skin care regimen. The best way to put it is your skin is only as healthy as the products you use on it. Now if you’re like me, you’ve fallen victim to seeing different famous personalities supporting or advertising products and just jump on the bandwagon for the sake of a sale or whatever. This leads to lowered knowledge on the product in regards to how to use it, what skin type it’s best used for and if it actually works. Not knowing what products work best for your skin or what goes on first, last, doesn’t get washed off, etc, can be stressful. Fortunately I’m here to squash your worries or questions and introduce a product that is all natural, vegan-free, cruelty free and downright amazing! I recently partnered with FRÉ to give their 123 skin care line a try. I was so happy with my experience and results, I just had to share the good news!


123FRÉ is a 3-step skin care routine for creating clear, glowing skin. One of their best attributes, it’s designed with those who sweat in mind! These formulas work to reduce breakouts, dehydration, and aging signs. Argania Active Complex created from the kernel and leaf of the Argan tree, FRÉ is a treatment to build your skins resilience every day.


Designed to protect your skin in all weather climates and conditions, this 3-step routine is sure to stop sweat, protect from sun, pollution and other environmental factors. By building resilient skin, you’re helping your skin resist stress blemishes and recover quickly while staying healthy and bright.


Made with a hypoallergenic and non-comedonic formula, FRÉ has a light weight feel and is fast absorbing. The Argan Spinosa – better known as the Argan Tree – is a highly weather resilient tree. It is most cultivated in the deserts of Southern Morocco and Israel and is know to adapt quickly to its environment. Referred to as the “Tree of Life,” the Argan tree has been deemed a miracle plant because of its intense nourishing properties from the oil extracted from it. This oil has potent anti-oxidants and fatty acids that have been a popular ingredient for hair and skin treatments.

When the Argan Active Complex is made from the kernel and leaf of the tree, it has amazing benefits for your skin. The formula that FRÉ designed is able to beat out a majority of outdoor, sweat-inducing damage to your skin while not stripping your skin of it’s natural cooling and cleaning properties.


Step 1: Purify Me – Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Dermatologically tested, this cleanser works to restore your skin’s natural pH balance while unclogging pores and removing toxins. It works to prevent breakouts, irritation and redness all while hydrating and nourishing the skin. Use this product as a standard facial cleanser after workouts and daily on non-workout days.


Step 2: Revive Me – Deep Replenishing Serum

This hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) formula is enriched with Argan Stem Cells for all skin types. It regenerates collagen and improves your skin elasticity. Other benefits include reducing wrinkles, improve skin firmness, replenish lost minerals and promote a natural glow. This should be applied to skin after using Purify Me after workouts and every evening on non-workout days.


Step 3: Protect Me – Defense Facial Moisturizer

This formula is ophthalmologist tested so it’s guaranteed to not clog pores or sting eyes. With an SPF of 30 and water resistant up to 80 minutes, Protect Me shields skin from UVA, UVB and IRA rays. It works to really hydrate the skin while strengthening it’s natural sun barrier. To get the full effect of the sunscreen, apply directly before workouts. When using on non-workout days, use as a daily moisturizer.



I have never been a skin-care junkie before. But as the years go by and my physical exercise routine changes, I realized I needed to pay more attention to what I’m using. My skin would always waver between super dry or crazy oily within my t-zone. I sweat consistently which therefore leads me to touching my face even more. With FRÉ 123, I have found my skin to stay hydrated with out creating an oily complexion as well as recovering from blemishes and redness much quicker.

I took advantage of using this product for one whole week before sharing so I could ensure the most beneficial review. The routine is easy to do and I actually carry the Protect Me with me, especially on sunny days where I’ll be outdoors a lot. A fear I had when trying out a new skin product was any stinging due to my pores being open right after exercise. But FRÉ is light-weight and doesn’t leave any harsh side-effects on your skin. In fact, it does the exact opposite in regards to keeping your skin looking healthy, young and bright.

If you struggle with skin care issues or are seeking out a new regimen, give FRÉ a chance to change your skin! A routine that is as easy as 1-2-3!

For every skincare set you buy, FRÉ plans a “Tree of Life” which helps protect the environment and empower women who harvest Argan oil in Morocco

**Thank you FRÉ Skin Care for Sponsoring this Post. All opinions and reviews are my own. This post contains affiliate links I make commission off of.**

***As a special offer/gift, you can get 25% off your set by using BLONDEBOMB25 at checkout!***

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