The Better Body Butter

Now I’ve talked about facial care a lot and you can check out my favorite products and where to get them in my Clear Skin Post. But a topic that comes up a lot these days is what types of lotions or creams are best for the rest of your body. Well I partnered with Better Shea Butter to make my own whipped body butter as well as try out Rosehip and Jojoba oils and the benefits they have to my hair and skin.

Not only can shea butter be used for lotion, you can make hair conditioners, deodorants, and even sun burn relief creams. My bundle from Better Shea Butter included Unrefined Shea and Mango Butters, Rosehip oil, Jojoba oil, Calendula Flowers and Rose Petals. What I decided to do with these was to make my own bath soak with the rose petals along with some essential oil and salts and make a body butter cream for right after the shower.

img_1141.jpgI have never done something like this before so creating this product was a bit challenging to achieve even after watching countless videos. BSB does offer a free e-Book with some recipes as well so check that out too! Since I was lacking in some of the tools for this project, I chose not to record my “during” process and just present the finished products! 🙂

The bath soak was super simple to make. I just took a jar and filled it with some epsom salt. Then I layered some Himalayan Pink Salt on top of that followed with the dried rose petals. I wanted to do a layered look so I repeated this twice to fill the jar. I also chose to add four drops of lavender oil over the rose petals for some added benefits. Add as little or as much of either salts that you choose, Simply combine these ingredients into your next bath for an at-home spa experience after a long day being badass!

IMG_1142IMG_1130When I committed to making this body butter, I wasn’t totally sure what I was getting into. It became a lot harder than I anticipated but I was determined to get something worth sharing!

Since the recipes call for an electric mixer and I don’t have that, the consistency was a bit altered. I used a hand-whipping method to combine the shea and mango butter together with a little coconut oil. Once they were mixed together, I added in some jojoba butter and an essential oil – I chose Grapefruit – with some Vitamin E oil. This hand-whipping motion took about 10 minutes to get a texture I wanted. The lotion returns back to more of the unrefined texture but it goes on so nicely and absorbs super well. I love using this right out of the shower to really rehydrate my skin.


As for the Rosehip seed oil, this amazing product helps with evening skin tones, decreasing appearance of wrinkles, speeds wound healing, hair treatment, razor burn treatment, and more!! I use this right after I wash my face before my moisturizer to really enhance my skin. Blemishes and scars appear less harsh after just a few applications. Applying a few drops to frizzy hair will leave your locks shiny and smooth against the days weather.


Other benefits of the Jojoba Oil include fighting fine lines and acne, encouraging hair regrowth, unclog hair follicles and pores, stops the itching of stretching skin and enhances collagen. I love to apply this to my scalp after a deep conditioning treatment or after a day at the beach or in the sun. These oils are just a few of the products offered at Better Shea Butter along with many other ways to include into your beauty regimen.

IMG_1136Treat your skin the way it deserves so it can keep you glowing no matter what. Thank you Better Shea Butter for Sponsoring this post!!

***This is not a paid collaboration just a product sponsored post. All opinions are my own!***

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