Mind Over Matter

i-4Cfkbdj-LThere comes a time in all of our lives when we make that decision to pursue some type of career path. It may come early and be an easy road to, or it could be a confusing, difficult journey to reaching success. I personally have found myself in the latter of the two categories mentioned. Although that can be scary at times, it is more rewarding than I ever could have imagined.

For those who don’t know my story, I have two older brothers who are both married and have children of their own. The best way to summarize them, the traditional American Life. Whereas I love them and their families with every ounce of my being, their life is not what I am striving for. I on the other hand, have chosen to spend a little more time on myself before settling into something long-term or permanent. Such things as moving to new cities, trying new jobs based on personal interests, and finding new ways to challenge myself are all what I find more important that settling down just yet. What I’ve found the most important thing to have in this journey is Mind Over Matter with the hunger and determination to never give up.

When you think about mind over matter, this can relate to anything that requires willpower of the mind to trump what the body wants. The way I want to relate to this definition is through not succumbing to external pressures but rather trusting your mind to provide reliable reason to stay in whatever pursuit you are in.

Think about that passion you have. The one that creates that burning excitement to invest your everyday tasks to this craft. Imagine this passion making you a profit which therefore creates the life you’ve always wanted. Now imagine hearing everyone on the outside remind you how risky or difficult this leap could be.. Doesn’t make for much motivation or feeling of support now does it?

Having a constant reminder of the cons of this pursuit can be impactful on what you decide to do. The pressures of societies opinions are fighting with your mind and it is up to you to trust yourself to not give in to what you feel everyone would rather you do. Going with the easy way out will always be just that, easy. But what that route will be sure to bring as well, temporary happiness. Sticking with what you know you love and fulfills you is what makes the journey worth it and will make for endless happiness and rewards.

When it comes time to following just exactly it is what you want, spend a little more time planning. But at the same time, take a few risks at the opportunities you come across. This lifetime is simply just a passing period for our soul yet with each birth, our purpose changes and builds. You are meant to be here and you are meant to be great. Never stop trusting your mind to lead you where you wish to go. Creating our destinies is one of the greatest gifts we were given.

Just remember, in the journey of life, we pass pleasures and pain, there will be sunshine and rain, there will be loss and gain. However we must learn to smile again and again.

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