A Whole New Start

It’s finally here: 2019. A new year and a new beginning to the next 365 days of your life book. The last few days of December brings people to either remember and be grateful for the past year, or to feel guilty for not fulfilling a goal. Regardless of which one you felt, it’s okay to feel the way you do about the year that just passed. But don’t let that feeling carry over into the New Year. I’m here today to tell you to let go of past emotions and just how to kickstart the best year yet with minimal stress!

As the current year winds down to an end, our emotions elevate and we begin to reminisce on the past year. A mixture of feelings will surface allowing you to remember all the great, prosperous memories or successes that have accumulated for you. But this will also force you to remember some of the not so great times as well. That’s okay. Because those uncomfortable, possibly unhappy, moments, they’re all part of this thing called life. They happened simply because they needed to and they were meant to bring you to wherever you are now. And that is reason #1 why letting go of the past year is important, because sometimes

Stepping into a new calendar year leaves us with ambitious yet pressured minds. What I mean by that is we feel pressured to make these – sometimes unobtainable – resolutions that bind us to a possible unwelcome change. One that if something hinders us from sticking 100% to our word, we feel defeated and/or give up completely on even attempting to carry out that goal or resolution. This to me is nothing short of external pressure to make a change just to say you did. Which leads me to my next point, let go of any outside expectations to do something different in the new year.

You don’t need to set some crazy goal or resolution for yourself just to say you made one. Remember back in paragraph 1 where I mentioned about either remembering and having gratitude or feeling guilty for the last year? Well instead of being pulled in either direction on how to spend the days between Christmas and the New Year, I’ve got a little experiment for you!

In those 5 self-reflecting days, here is what might help clear your mind for the new year and to help find the things to be grateful for from the last year. Grab some paper and a pen. Make 3 columns and label them

1. What I did not get to do

2. What I am grateful for

3. What I’d like to do different next year

Now fill in as many as you can for each column. Remember that you have 5 whole days to complete this task so do not pressure yourself into completing this in just one day. Really spend some time thinking about what you are grateful for compared to what you did not get to do or receive over the year. When you can take an item from column 1 and 2, it becomes easier to create that obtainable goal or resolution for yourself. These lists will also help open your eyes to the gratitude you’ll find from the year as well as sending you into the new year with a confident resolution and mind.

This was my second year utilizing the column chart mentioned above. I am able to enter into a new year with a clear mind and motivation without pressure to make changes just for me. Creating an obtainable goal is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for a smooth transition simply because these goals have meaning and purpose. Make a deadline that again is realistic and one you know will be doable for yourself.

It is time to stop holding onto guilt for not achieving something specific over the course of the year and to create goals for YOU! On top of making a gratitude list from the previous year, I challenge you to spend a few minutes either once a week or each day for the remainder of this month, and write out a few gratitude topics from your life. Integrate a subconscious effort to always practice gratitude for what you have. Because as the saying goes, being grateful for what you have, more good comes. But being ungrateful for what you don’t have, you will never have enough.

I hope you have a very merry and prosperous New Year. If you ever find yourself needing some guidance or reminders to spend some love on yourself, head over to the “Contact Me” page and let’s chat! I’m here to help you create, plan, and crush your goals.

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