The Best Love is Self Love

When we struggle with the way we feel about ourselves, we feel trapped. Playing the role of the "victim" is something that is done subconsciously because we tend to get used to our routine of focusing on the things we don't have in our lives. When you continue to beat yourself down for the things... Continue Reading →

How To Have Gratitude

The power of gratitude. We have all heard how miraculous having gratitude can be when it comes to abundance. Well, I'm certainly here to attest to the fact that having gratitude for what you have will bring more of that goodness into your life. But what a lot of individuals struggle with is learning how... Continue Reading →

Blame It On The Genes

You see someone post one workout video on social media and instantly become an internet sensation, meanwhile you've been strategically posting at all the right times with the right hashtags and yet you still only accumulate a measly 500 views.. Why aren't you getting the same likes and views? What does she/he have that you... Continue Reading →

Supplements Made Healthy

Just about all of us at one time or another have mad a fitness oriented goal. This could be a weight-loss goal, muscle growth goal, or something endurance related, but we all have discovered something we want to achieve through our fitness regimen. The process to achieving these goals is sometimes assisted by supplementation. But... Continue Reading →

Does Charcoal Help Whiten Teeth?

Having a mouth full of pearly whites is most likely something we all want. Learning how to brush and take care of our teeth from an early age is important to how the evolution of our teeth will go. Keeping them white can be a challenge but I assure you there is an easy and long-term... Continue Reading →

Stand In What You Stand For

Summertime is just around the corner. One of the biggest challenges I tend to face is shoes for summer. I tend to rely on the same few pairs of sandals/shoes for a majority of the season. On top of that, I like to have comfortable shoes that I can rely on as backups or regular... Continue Reading →

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